As you may know, I’m an avid reader and always on the lookout for more good material. I’ve been keeping a curated list of articles for some time and decided I’d like to start sharing them with my loyal readers. Starting Friday, I’ll be posting a weekly list of articles I’ve found interesting from the previous week. If you’re a subscriber, you should see the list in your inbox before lunch on Friday. If you’re not a subscriber – sign up today and get some good reads for next weekend – it’s quick and easy.

For now, I’m going to focus on the content that think best benefits my clients and followers. Things like WordPress tips and tricks, SEO articles, Social Media news, and whatever else I think fits the bill.

I’m also open to submissions and suggestions. If you’re reading something that you think I might like to include, you can shoot me an email or even tweet me @rynobot. I’ll be sure to give you a shout, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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